M&A Solutions

How It Works

M&A Solutions provides professional support for buyers and sellers, including an end-to-end solution with a team of experts to guide you through the process. We’ll help you grow and plan for the future with support tailored to your specific goals. It’s fast, efficient, and cost-effective, taking the burden off you so that you can stay focused on your clients.


Seller Support Program

Seller Support is designed to help facilitate the sale of your practice. We work to help you position your practice for maximum value and fit. Seller Support pairs you with an LPL expert who specializes in the sale of advisor practices and will be your guide for monetizing and generating liquidity. We work with you to understand your motivations and objectives for selling your business, including:

  • Helping you define your ideal buyer
  • Preparing your practice for sale and bringing your book to market
  • Sourcing and screening potential buyers and initiating contact
  • Assisting with negotiating and selecting your final partner
  • Guiding you through finalizing the terms of your deal


M&A Deal Support

When you’re ready to execute your deal, M&A Deal Support delivers a comprehensive experience to guide you through the process. You’ll have the support of a team with expertise in advisor mergers and acquisitions, with the benefit of a single point of contact to help you navigate along the way. Leveraging this expertise allows you to save time, reduce your cost, and facilitate a quicker integration timeline. Your LPL M&A transaction specialist will take the lead, executing tasks on your behalf ranging from:

  • Providing detailed valuation reports
  • Support through due diligence, negotiation, and deal structure
  • Templated closing documents
  • Post-transaction integration support


M&A Solutions is your strategic partner delivering expertise and execution throughout the M&A experience. Our team can help you build value and grow revenue through practice acquisitions, as well as monetize your business for best value and fit when you’re ready to sell.

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