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Offload your administrative and operational tasks and receive extraordinary support

You’re invaluable to your clients – they rely on you to provide advice on the complex issues that are facing investors today. As you guide them toward financial success, they need your time, expertise, and attention to accomplish their goals.

But as demand for client engagement increases, you might be faced with more administrative challenges as the volume of your business expands.

The problem? You can't provide high-level service if you’re spending valuable executive time on daily administrative tasks. 

Admin Solutions provides an administrative professional, backed by a support team, to free up your time. Screened and hired as full-time employees at LPL, our admins are well-versed in critical LPL business tools which allows for seamless integration into your practice. Polished and professional, they also can serve as the eyes and ears of your office, interfacing seamlessly in client correspondence, phone calls, and scheduling. 

With LPL Admin Solutions, you'll be able to focus on what needs your attention most – your clients’ financial goals.


Key Benefits



Admin Solutions solves hiring and training woes and lets advisors offload time-consuming, back-office tasks to a pro.

Why Admin Solutions?

Admin Solutions

General Assistance

Your admin will:

  • Schedule appointments and manage calendars
  • Maintain client correspondence and update information
  • Assist in meeting preparation and proof documents

Admin Solutions

Financial Tasks

Your admin will:

  • Manage standard account activity
  • Process new account documentation
  • Oversee maintenance, transfers, and cash management of existing accounts

Admin Solutions

LPL Technology Expertise

Your admin will:

  • Apply their extensive knowledge and training in LPL’s proprietary software including ClientWorks, Account View, Move Money, LPL Proposal Tool, WealthVision, and LPL Annuity Order Entry (AOE) platform
  • Receive continuous training on newly released software and products to ensure the most innovative solutions are navigable for your business


Yes! Your admin can be the direct-dial contact for you and your clients. Your admin can work with you to handle customer inquiries, follow-up on transactions, set up conference calls, and schedule appointments.

We will take time to match you with the right fit based on your specific business challenges. You’ll be paired with an experienced admin professional—backed by an LPL support team—who will learn the ins and outs of your business, to ensure your business’ needs are always met.

As an LPL employee, your admin will have already received and passed a background check. They will have also signed a confidentiality agreement to protect your business and your clients’ private and sensitive data. ClientWorks access will be granted at an administrative assistant level throughout the entirety of their time with your business.

There are many seasons and reasons why you might choose to work with the LPL Admin Solutions team. For example, you may want seasonal help during the busiest times of the year – like tax season, annual review time, mid-year reporting, and completing end-of-year planning. You may need extra help with your workload due to temporary staff absences, like taking medical or family leave. Or, you could choose to have Admin Solutions assist with tasks all year long. Your admin can work with you in a time frame that fits your business best! 

While we understand that your business may not follow traditional hours, our admins are available Monday through Friday and observe the same holidays as LPL and Wall Street. However, your admin will work with you to guarantee that proper forwarding and out-of-office notifications are enabled outside of working hours.

In response to advisor demand, we’ve added a new AOE option that can save you hours and minimize returns for added details or clarity. An LPL annuity specialist initiates and gathers the information, enters the info into the platform, and guides you through the review process to submit a successful AOE order.

Your subscription to Admin Solutions includes one AOE with a six-month contract or two with a 12-month contract. You can also purchase AOE separately outside of an Admin Solutions subscription.

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