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Technology services to protect your business and important client data

Cybersecurity is a growing concern from leaders in every industry. How can you ensure your business systems and client data are compliant and secure? As an LPL financial professional, you have access to a suite of enterprise-grade technology services at an extremely competitive price.

Two premier offerings include Secure Office and Secure Cloud. 

With Secure Office, you can rest assured knowing that your systems and data are protected by leaders in the cybersecurity industry. Secure Office uses a next generation cybersecurity suite to ensure your enrolled devices are protected from even the most devious viruses and malware.

Secure Cloud is the same cloud storage solution that LPL utilizes to manage our internal documents. This technology helps you take advantage of enterprise subscriptions from at the same price as their basic business plans to streamline your storage and file sharing. 

Discover how we can help keep your business data safe and your systems compliant with our end-to-end solutions.

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Secure Office

Defend against cybercrime and compliance breaches

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Secure Cloud

A streamlined way to work remotely and share documents

Why they have peace of mind

With Digital Office, these financial advisors feel more confident about safely sharing documents or files with colleagues and clients.


Why Digital Office?

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Trusted Cybersecurity

Digital Office can help you:

  • Operate with confidence knowing LPL's dedicated tech team is utilizing the latest-in-tech tools, used by leading financial firms, to protect you 24/7
  • Stay defended against cybercrime and compliance breaches through regulatory-compliant technology and industry-leading data storage
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Remote Capacity

Digital Office can help you:

  • Keep your remote team as operationally secure and compliant as your in-office teams and networks
  • Stay protected when storing or sharing data across remote systems, and modify your protection needs as scale and locations evolve
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Product Support

Digital Office can help you:

  • Easily navigate the onboarding process
  • Access expert guidance and resources







A device’s warranty or purchase date doesn’t necessarily translate to its security. An older computer that’s consistently updated, monitored, and kept current with security patches may be more secure than a brand new computer that doesn’t have proactive systems in place to ensure updates are made or effective.

The same quality end-point protection tools that LPL uses to monitor 10,000 devices every day will be used to keep your computer safe and secure. These tools offer the latest in digital protection and innovation, and are used by many of the largest financial services companies today. Through Secure Office, LPL can extend access to these protection tools and offer security monitoring and response at all times.

No, Digital Office solutions address cybersecurity, compliance, and cloud storage only so that we can stay focused on protecting your business’ data, not hands-on technology support. If you have a technical issue with one of our products or solutions at LPL, feel free to contact LPL’s Help Desk for assistance.


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