Paraplanning Services

Expand your financial planning offering, but not your payroll

You’re already providing tailored advice to your clients. But what if you could offer even deeper, more personalized financial guidance—without taking on more work or increasing your payroll? That’s where LPL’s Paraplanning Services comes in. Our experienced professionals can help you build, enhance, or expand your financial planning practice, providing a holistic approach to financial advice.  

Looking to scale your business? Our paraplanning team can reduce your plan creation time by inputting your client data, ensuring its accuracy, and creating customized financial plans that align with your philosophies and your clients’ goals. 

New to financial planning? Our paraplanning team adds value through consultation and plan production. We meet with you to review the plan created on your behalf and highlight actionable insights and recommendations to ensure you’re prepared for a successful client presentation. 

Building a thriving financial planning practice requires differentiated service and delivery. Leverage the support of our experienced and highly-technical Paraplanning Services team to deliver personalized financial planning advice for your clients—at scale.


Key features: 


  • Accurate data - Planners collect and input data accurately and efficiently, reducing errors, and saving you time
  • Plan development - Plans are created using your choice of software tools from four integrated options
  • Plan summary – Plans are delivered within two weeks of all client data being received, and include an LPL-generated summary of actionable recommendations that match your philosophies and your clients’ goals
  • One-on-one review - Meet with your designated plan manager to discuss the plan created on your behalf and prepare for a successful client presentation 


Learn how Paraplanning Services expands advisors’ planning capabilities, deepens relationships, and adds value.


Why Paraplanning Services?

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Cost-effective support

  • With Paraplanning Services, you benefit from the experience of a qualified paraplanner without having to commit to an annual salary.

Resilience Plan

Enhanced productivity

  • By delegating plan production and analysis to Paraplanning Services, you’ll free up time to focus on plan presentation, implementation, and service.

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Continued benefits

  • Partnering with our paraplanners includes ongoing consultation and the sharing of best practices to ensure you are leveraging the latest features in your financial planning software.



You subscribe to Paraplanning Services according to our fee schedule. Your subscription includes the services of both a designated Plan Manager and a team of Plan Associates. The Plan Manager serves as your personal planning partner and works to understand your planning philosophies and identify strategies that align with your clients’ goals. The Plan Manager then partners with a Plan Associate, who is responsible for data entry, analysis creation, and defining opportunities. The Plan Manager oversees the quality and accuracy of the plan delivery.

You receive a full plan as generated by the financial planning software, which you can access, maintain, and adjust in future planning discussions with your client. You also receive an LPL Financial Plan Summary recapping client goals and assumptions, key highlights, observations, and action items.

The Paraplanning team acts as an extension of your services. We remain in the background unless otherwise indicated in the type of plan you request.

Paraplanning Services supports eMoney, WealthVision, Right Capital, and MoneyGuidePro. 

It’s entirely appropriate to charge clients a fee for the design, delivery, and execution of a financial plan, whether you’ve created that plan yourself, in-house, or with the Paraplanning Service team’s assistance. 


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