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With LPL Business Solutions at your side, you’re equipped to boost performance and supercharge efficiency so you can focus on what matters most — delivering extraordinary value to clients. We provide capacity, insights, and strategic guidance to help you do just that. We understand where you are on your journey and what it takes to help you succeed your way. Put us to work for you.

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Explore our broad range of consultative and executional solutions covering financial planning, operational, and business needs — and beyond.

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Admin Solutions Admin Solutions Icon

Admin Solutions

Are you spending too much time on daily administrative tasks?

Your clients need your time and attention to help guide them toward their financial goals. Admin Solutions provides reliable, LPL-trained admin support to fit your business and your schedule, freeing you to focus on what’s most important—to you and to your clients.

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Assurance Plan Assurance Plan Icon

Assurance Plan

Is your legacy protected?

To protect your loved ones and your clients from serious risk in the event of your unplanned exit from the industry due to death or incapacity, the Assurance Plan safeguards the equity of your business when you’re not there to protect it yourself.

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CFO Solutions CFO Solutions Icons

CFO Solutions

Do you need a strategic partner to help guide your way to success?

Look no further than LPL’s CFO Solutions for personalized guidance and strategies built to your business growth goals. Your dedicated CFO strategist will also help you navigate LPL and connect you to the right people and process expertise.

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Digital Office Digital Office Icon

Digital Office

Is your business and client data protected and secure?

LPL’s Digital Office suite of services can help defend against cybercrime, keep your systems compliant, and enable you to share documents or files safely and securely with colleagues and clients.

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Advisor Advisor Institute Icon

Advisor Institute

Do you need help upskilling your talent?

If you’re adding new advisors to your practice, or wanting to accelerate performance, LPL’s Advisor Institute is your one-stop shop for hiring and training help. Our comprehensive programs give them the tools they need to be successful and you the ability to keep your focus on your clients and your business.

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Marketing Solutions Marketing Solutions Icon

Marketing Solutions

Are you effectively marketing your practice?

LPL’s Marketing Solutions takes the stress out of navigating the world of digital marketing. We can help expand your online presence, showcase your value proposition, upgrade your website, and help you build strong and lasting connections with your clients.

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Bookkeeping Services Bookkeeping Services Icon

Bookkeeping Services

Want to spend less time in your books and more time with your clients?

Dedicated support from LPL’s Bookkeeping Services gives you a clear picture of your books to help streamline your business decisions. Your LPL bookkeeper will provide the accurate and timely financial information you need to manage and grow your business.

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M&A Solutions M&A Solutions Icon

M&A Solutions

Are you considering buying or selling a practice?

LPL’s M&A Solutions offers end-to-end support for your acquisition or merger to make the process easier, faster, and more cost-effective, with comprehensive support throughout your transaction.

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Paraplanning Services Paraplanning Services Icon

Paraplanning Services

Thinking about adding or expanding your financial planning offering?

Put a qualified financial planner on your team and differentiate your practice with a more comprehensive planning model without having to increase your payroll. LPL’s Paraplanning Services helps you launch, enhance, or scale your financial planning practice with a team of planning experts.

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Partial Book Sales Partial Book Sales Icon

Partial Book Sales

Are you spread too thin or evolving your goals?

It may be time to strategically right-size your practice by transitioning accounts that no longer fit your business model. LPL’s Partial Book Sales ensures a seamless transition so you can regain focus on what’s most important to you.

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CFO Solutions CFO Solutions Icon

CFO Solutions

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High-Net-Worth Services High-Net-Worth Services Icon

High-Net-Worth Services

How can you exceed the expectations of your affluent clients?

To win and retain high-net-worth clients, you need to deliver an elevated experience with services tailored to their complex needs. LPL’s High-Net-Worth Services gives you on-demand access to an experienced team of professionals, including planning and investment specialists.

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Tax Planning Services Tax Planning Services Icon

Tax Planning Services

Are your clients paying more in taxes than they need to?

LPL’s Tax Planning Services team includes CPAs and specialists who can analyze your client’s case and provide a customized tax plan on an as-needed basis, enabling you to increase the value you bring to your clients.

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Tax Planning Services Tax Planning Services Icon

Succession Planning Services

Are you thinking about transitioning your practice to the next generation?

The complexities of transferring a practice to a successor of your choosing can be overwhelming. The experienced succession planning team provides the information, guidance, and actionable roadmap you need to help clear the path to your future.

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